Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Freedom Between You Ears

Buhl, Idaho

Let’s be up front. In the 2nd district in Idaho, a democratic candidate for a major office has no realistic expectation of winning an election in 2012.
For people who want to know, my opponent in this primary race is concentrating on raising money. Well, it doesn’t matter how much she comes up with, she won’t win.
Oh, most likely, she will win the democratic primary, but she’ll be DOA next fall. For her to obtain money under those kinds of false pretenses is quite a bit worse than immoral and unethical. It’s obscene.
Our team does not need any campaign contributions. We are in this to amuse, to educate, and to entertain. And, given the right political circumstances, we could possibly win the primary. It’s extremely doubtful, we’ll give you that. The only possibility is IF the blue collar vote turns out on May 15th. That’s the only way we can win.
All of us know it’s a long shot. Yet, it is a shot worth taking. Between now and May 15th, I will be taking that shot. All of us must work hard to get the blue collar vote to turn out for Jack Wayne Chappell for U. S. Congress!

Jack Chappell

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