Thursday, June 21, 2012

$8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Buhl, Idaho

Subject: Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 00:05:41 +0000

Below my comments is what I received from an email.....I am looking into it further.  This is my take on what I have examined and thought so far...I have spent a lot of time investigating over the months researching Obama and Ron Paul.  Until now, I have done little research on Romney.  With the conviction of Allen Stanford last week, and the Idaho State Convention beginning tomorrow, I decided to research Romney.  This research is not finished yet, but I pass it on to you and my thoughts at present.  I hope you bear with me in this pursuit.  I am writing this from the perspective of handing this to delegates tomorrow at the Idaho State Convention.  It is not always easy to
discern what is true and not true on the internet.

Ask yourself, if you really want to beat Obama, will the leftist press be harder on Romney once he is the sole pick of the Republicans?  Certainly, Oh's machine will pounce grizzly-like on Romney, most likely destroying any wisdom of the Republican choice for nominee.   Another option may now be occurring, where neither the Dem nor Rep candidate will try to slaughter each other and will go soft on each other and evade issues for "political correctness".  If Obama slaughters Romney, we will lose credibility.  This will discourage voters who really want to get Obama out and some people will lose confidence even further in the voting process, be angry and may fail to vote, thus assuring a closer victory for Obama.  
Republicans must guard against anything to discourage a low voter turn out or add to the moral crisis issue in leadership of the Republican party, or we will be lumped together in corruption with the present regime.  As of today, I saw one poll showing Obama being ahead with 40 per cent for Romney.  I saw another poll with Romney being ahead.  Furthermore, with the declaration of the amnesty for Hispanics, they will feel gratefully beholden to vote for Obama.   I urge you to do more investigating on your own,  consider that the strength of the Ron Paul movement and his upstanding character, lack of conflict of financial interests and his strong debating skills could importantly and easily be thewinning ticket for the Republican Party more than they ever dreamed.  I hate to see us shoot ourselves-- not in the foot, but in the head, committing political suicide when we so desperately need a true change.  The other possibility is because of Romney's vast contracts with media and conservative talk show hosts, will the media protect him who pays the paycheck?

Although it was just in the beginning of the debates I had a rational suspicion, that with Romney's megabucks, there could be serious conflicts of interest.  The longer we go until the National Convention, there are actual indications of information coming to the forefront......but remaining mostly unannounced by the major media.  Would you invest as Romney in a spy-camera-producing China company which produces cameras to spy on Chinese citizens and foreign workers?  So what's the diff between cameras and 30,000 U.S. drones?  Is this why military spending must be increased by several trillion under Romney?  Investing in China may be wise on the sheer numbers of population with a rising industrial output, but why not choose something with freedom's values?  Romney claimed he didn't know where those in charge of his portfolio invested his money.  He asked his lawyer to divest of anything that might be a conflict of interest, but has that really happened? Does it only make common sense that with millions of dollars invested in businesses, media, and foreign countries, he will guard his own interests possibly more than America's interests?

So far, we started with  "Ron Paul Isn't Electable"  and "Romney is definitely the Chosen One" being touted by the media.  Then, by the voters  "Anybody but O".   Then when all the Rep. hopefuls ended up being two, the slogan changed to "Anybody but  Romney" among conservatives as enthusiasm for him was low. Then it changed to "Romney is the Republican nominee" by my own Republican party who bullied, couldn't count votes correctly and squelched Ron Paulers all over the country.  This was noticed by thousands of viewers and bloggers and You Tube enthusiasts. Then even  before Romney had the needed delegate counts which the press was over reporting, the Republicans announced Romney is the winner.  Why did we not wait until November and let time help us in our selection?  

Now, June 14, 2012, comes the conviction of Mitt's business partner, Allen Stanford.  The sentence was reduced  to 110 years for a Ponzi scheme of massive ongoing twenty-yearfraud--plus falsifying of records.   If Mitt does not have the ability, time, and discretion to track his money investments and, he lacks perception in choosing a business partner, how can he rule wisely as President of the United States in this time of crisis? 

That is not all.   Does Romney control the purse strings of the press or media?   What about Bain Capital?   Only about 50 people own the major media outlets.  If so, it is reason enough on it's own in my estimation to not vote for him when we examine the total biased, deliberate dissing,  and blackout of Ron Paul on news and media and the promotion of Romney from day one.  We are a country under the influence of unperceived propaganda.  A controlled press is un-American, but there are over 1,000 media outlets owned by Bain.  Is this why Fox released one of their top programs (The Judge) and employed far, far left reporters or was there other pressures?   

Unless someone can convince me otherwise with facts:  Ron Paul is still a bold, gentlemanly, honest, intelligent, economist, statesman, educator, supreme debater, world historian, caring and compassionate freedom lover, inciting fires of freedom in minds and hearts of individuals, and he is dearly beloved for his character, intelligence and enthusiasm.  His campaign slogan is to Restore America Now ....we need himnow......and as far as many in his camp, there has always only been one candidate who would make a difference and a
good president, and others are seeing some of the light of that choice as time goes on.  There are also the silent Ron Paulers that
are not vocal, but strongly believe in his prinicples....and nobody knows how many that may be.

As some wisely advise "Follow the money", I took a look at Mitt's top donors.  They include banks and investment firms who received bail out money with the tab going to the federal deficit and taxpayer.  How ironic!  The Federal Reserve prints money to bail-out banks and investment firms, these firms then donate to Obama and Romney.  Romney's Bain Capital and Bain and Company donated to Romney and to Obama. If this is what is going on.... Romney's group from whom he receives money as part of his previous position in the company, is giving money to both sides.  Other big donors to Romney's campaign include: Goldman Sacks ($367,200); Credit Suisse Group ($203,750); Morgan Stanley ($199,800); HIG Capital ($186.500); Barclay's ($157,750); Bank of America ($126,500); J.P. Morgan/Chase ($112.250); Bain Capital ($74,500); Wells Fargo ($61,500); Citigroup ($57,050); Bain & Company ($52,500).   The Occupy Wall Street Truthers were not upset about earning money legally, they were protesting cheating and lying.  Remember, the old adage birds of a feather flock together.  Some should be tarred together!  Most of these listed (not Bain directly) were predicted to fail long before the bailout happened.    

Romney has said that the rule to control cheating or regulating in the markets should be abolished.  Does that mean his friends will be off the hook, or himself.  He has stated he didn't do anything illegal.  Well, when the fox is making the rules, so what if it's legal or not?  We need moral fiber and common sense that goes beyond the letter of the law.  We should not shrug this off as Republicans at this time before the National Convention.  We need to face these important questions, research the issues and be extra cautious because as you know, our country and Constitution are in an ICU.  Again, I urge our Idaho delegates to support as our nominee one who can incrementally bring strong economic stability and sound moral courage without conflicts of interest to the Presidency and the United States of America.  He is a diagnostician of the highest quality.  Dr. Ron Paul.  As one person stated, "We have presidential elections every four years, but a rEVOLution once in a lifetime."

Obama is out of touch with the average main street and unemployed crowd, spending wildly, ruling dictatorially; Romney is swimming in money and out of touch with the average American and can't get his stories straight, Ron Paul is considered "One of us and someone to trust".

Let's help end the dominance and greed of the last 100 years with Ron Paul's leadership.   

Yours for a free and honest America, 

District 23 Delegate, Jan Wimberley, 208 543-8013

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