Monday, June 4, 2012

Twin Falls has a Benedict Arnold in the GOP

Twin Falls, Idaho

Rusty Satterwhite an organizer of “TEARS of the Patriots” poll-vaulted himself to a position of leadership of the not yet organized Tea Party movement and then on to the Ron Paul meet-up groups. Oh, Rusty talked the talk, giving constitutional speeches.  He seemed to be a real Tea Party Indian decked out with feathers and war-paint and on board for the Ron Paul Rev-love-ution.

 In 2010 the Ron Paul Republicans got over fifty percent of the committeemen elected to Twin Falls Central Committee, giving them the leverage necessary to get Ron Paul delegates to the State Convention,  but something happened. The Paulers nominated Rusty but he declined the position and gave his support to Gretchen.  Gretchen secretly appointed Jim Fort as committeeman for the establishment, as the D.A., Grant Lobes and Jennifer, his assistant both looked on.  The D.A. and Jennifer held elected and appointed positions in violation of the Idaho State Constitution.  Needless to say the members of the “Tears of the Patriots” really did have something to cry about after Rusty did his Benedict Arnold act!

  A vote was taken and it was tied because of Jim Fort.  However Gretchen voted for herself, with the help of non-committeemen, strangers and phony phone calls to fictitious attorneys for a surreptitious ruling that she could vote breaking the tie and defraud unsuspecting newly elected committeemen and stealing their meeting.

 Rusty’s reward for his dirty deed is to be appointed as Chairman to the Idaho State Republican Convention, coincidentally being held in Twin Falls. This should guarantee that all Ron Paul supporters and delegates will be squelched in 2012.  That is why Rusty and gang have banned videotaping in public meetings and threatened to have me arrested if I showed up with a camera and dare to expose the truth .
Who was Benedict Arnold?

Dan Gill

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