Thursday, May 21, 2015

City Of Buhl Has Discussion About Signage


APRIL 27, 2015

203 Broadway Ave N

Kyle Hauser Council President

Pam McClain Council Member

Michael Higbee Council Member

Sue Gabardi Council Member

Bill Nungester City Attorney

Elizabeth Barker Clerk/Treasurer

Karen Drown Asst. Clerk/Treasurer

WORKING SESSION called to order at 6:00 PM.

Elizabeth Barker confirmed a Quorum.

 Minutes of April 13, 2015: Kyle Hauser moved to approve the minutes; Pam McClain

 Bi-Monthly Claims for Payment: Pam McClain moved to approve the monthly claims for

seconded the motion. There was no discussion; the motion passed.

payment; Kyle Hauser seconded the motion. There was no discussion and the motion

 Clerk/Treasurer Report: Pam McClain moved to approve the clerk/treasurer report;

Michael Higbee seconded the motion. There was no discussion and the motion passed.

Consideration of Resolution to Destroy Documents: Pam moved to adopt Resolution No.

378 for the destruction of semi-permanent records. Kyle seconded the motion. There was

a brief discussion of the items on the list which have no historical value. There was no

further discussion and the motion passed.

Proposed Budget Schedule: Elizabeth explained the schedule changes from last year and

noted that the Monday, May 25th meeting had previously been cancelled.  She stated that

to keep with the aggressive budget schedule, she had proposed a meeting on Tuesday,

May 26th. Elizabeth did point out that Monday, May 11th the department heads will

present their major needs for the future, but Mark Korsen will not be able to attend due to

a BLM training for his department that same night. There was discussion on whether

council would like the major needs requests again this year and consensus was that they

are an important piece of the budget process. There was also discussion about several

meetings that individual council members would not be able to attend due to conflicts;

but a quorum would still be present for each meeting. It was agreed the budget schedule

Review of Compliance with General Fund Reserve Policy & Utility Fund Working

Capital Policy: Elizabeth reminded council that both policies were written last year and

that the policies stated that they would be reviewed each year at budget time. Elizabeth

noted that the general fund reserve is above the 17% as was set in the policy but

Elizabeth didn’t see any reason to reduce the amount currently in the fund. It was

discussed that the 17% was the basement and the lowest it should go. She also updated

council on the Seneca tax valuation appeal matter; there have been discussions between

Seneca and Twin Falls County and the one piece that is still being worked out is a 35%

annual obsolescence factor on the new freezer portion. A trial date was rescheduled for

May 13th in case a compromise could not be made; but everyone was hopeful it could be

worked out without a trial.

The utility fund working capital policy was also reviewed and Elizabeth explained how

the three month balance was figured from using the entire year’s income divided by 12

then multiplied by 3. As she explained, the year has a cycle and the summer months are

higher than the winter so she used the entire year’s figures. She added that the fund

balance was close to what was targeted from the last year. The Bond Savings Transfer

reserve fund is building but some of those funds are committed to current projects.

Discussion of Donated Artwork: Barbara Martin from Coos Bay, Oregon had sent a

packet of color photographs of artwork her husband had done. Gan Martin was born in

and raised in Buhl. His grandfather was Mayor of Buhl in 1937. At this time his wife had

offered to donate some of Gan’s artwork to the city. The proposed artwork was presented

to Council and four were chosen; “The Elephant,” “Cabin in the Woods,” “Small Red

Tree,” and “Cattle Grazing.”

COUNCIL CONCERNS – Michael questioned the events of the fire meeting the previous

Monday night. There was a discussion concerning signage that had gone up on the Buhl

Rural Fire Protection property. There was further discussion about signage that will be

installed on the fire station and that will be paid for out of the Fire Donation Fund. There was

also discussion concerning the ventilation system in the bays. Tom stated he had talked to

Andrew Stevens and also Mark Korsen about the current system that was never finished and

wondered about the cost of having Quigley’s come in and finish it. It was stated the current

system is not fully used and if money is going to be put into system then it needs to be used.

Kyle brought up a concern about the laptops that council had been provided. He asked if

tablets would be better utilized. Consensus was they would not be used. It was discussed that

the laptops would be better used by other departments than sitting in someone’s office or

MEETING ADJOURNED – Kyle Hauser moved that the meeting be adjourned, Pam

McClain seconded the motion and all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 6:41 PM.

Minutes prepared by Karen Drown, Assistant City Clerk-Treasurer

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