Friday, May 15, 2015

Sheriff Of Twin Falls County Has A Message

As sheriff of Twin Falls County I strive to keep this office proficient, friendly, and at the top of our game. We consistently train our Deputies to maintain the very best quality of staff. By being well trained, they are confident in their abilities and provide the service and professionalism expected by the citizens of this county. 

Many programs have been implemented which continue to keep our department in a position to best serve our citizens. My unwavering vision and commitment for all local law enforcement agencies to work together as a team has continued by swearing in all city officers in the county as Special Deputies. By doing this, it ensures that jurisdictional issues will not prevent law enforcement from protecting and serving the citizens in Twin Falls County as a whole. 

Due to the recent influx of school shootings around the nation, full time school resource officers are now working with the schools to provide the necessary training to prevent such tragedies from occurring here. We continue to use a Community Resource Unit (CRU) which works closely with the school resource officers. In addition, the CRU offers training to any and all community groups in drug education, drug trends, drug identification, traffic safety and self-defense while stressing the importance of staying vigilant of what’s happening around them. 
Our canine program is strong as ever! We continue to use the dogs to combat drug use in the area. I strongly believe K9 not only protects the deputy but gives our department an edge on fighting crime. Our narcotic deputies work long hours to make an effort to keep drugs out of our communities. 

We at the sheriff’s office have remained fiscally responsible every year since I have taken office. The senior staff meets weekly to scrutinize the spending of tax dollars and have given money back to the Board of County Commissioners every budget year. 

My vision for jail programs to help inmates to get on the right track to again become productive members of the community is becoming reality. With the implementation of GED and drug counseling programs we continue to make rehabilitation and security a top priority. 

I have worked closely with the Employee Council of Twin Falls County and together we have implemented a wellness program for the county employees. This gives them the opportunity to improve their health and hopefully save money on insurance premiums. 

It has been my passion since taking office to do my part to protect the citizens of our county. Recently, I worked to create legislation by passing a law that would enhance penalties for those who victimize our elderly citizens. My goal was to give our seniors the peace of mind they deserve. By passing such legislation, I wanted to send a message that senior abuse would not be tolerated and would be punished to the fullest extent possible. I have vowed to make changes to the purposed bill and continue to try getting it made into Idaho Law. 

In closing, it is my honor to represent the people of this county. I promise to continue to keep the sheriff’s office going in a positive direction while doing our part in making Twin Falls County a great place to live and raise a family. 

Sheriff Tom Carter 

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