Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fox Guarding The Chicken Coop

Twin Falls, Idaho

The problem with a local county Republican Central Committee is that it is controlled and run by county employees. The D.A., Grant, and Assistant D.A., who recently resigned (thank you, Jennifer) should not be involved in the local political process of overseeing the election of committeemen or committee chairman.  This is a huge conflict of interest and reminiscent of having the fox guarding the chicken coop, and is a county-level dictatorship. Representative government should come from the people up not from the government down.

The Idaho GOP has committed suicide by disenfranchising all military members, the elderly and over two-thirds of their own constituents who could not attend the caucus to vote for a presidential candidate of their choice. They certainly do not need any help from Dan or Rick and my intentions are far from “taking over the Twin Falls Party”.

The “Republicrat” system is a Hegelian two-party system of thesis, antithesis, synthesis -- create the problem… come up with the solution to the problem… and the solution is always predetermined and usually means… more control and more government.

The outcome will be the picking of an establishment candidate (i.e. McCain in the previous campaign) who is a predetermined loser and the elimination of any viable non-establishment candidate who has real crossover votes and grass-roots support by disenfranchising the majority of their own Party. The synthesis will be four more years of Obama and a country in great peril.

The only reason I am a Republican is because of Ron Paul.  When Ron Paul is no longer in the Republican Party, I believe the Republican Party will die from self-inflicted wounds and this free Republic could suffer the same fate.  Despite our disagreements, Mr. Billington, we are all in the same boat.  

Dan Gill 

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