Sunday, March 25, 2012

Martial Law, Confiscation of Private Property and Forced Labor

Filer, Idaho

Concerned friends and elected officials:

            We are rapidly becoming a fascist/Marxist police state.  President Obama on March 16th issued another unconstitutional Executive Order which calls for Martial Law, Confiscation of Private Property and Forced Labor without due process under Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security.   This is another blatant violation of the Constitution as all legislative powers were granted to Congress.   Obama is openly bypassing Congress to accomplish his socialist/marxist's goals.

            We see the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto being implemented openly. Saul Alinsky’s,  “Rules for Revolution” are being used to implement Marxist totalitarianism by working to destroy our Constitutional Republic.  The result will be the loss of individual rights to the all powerful central police state resulting in death, tyranny and slavery.

            A global information surveillance grid is being constructed.  CIA director, David Petraeus has indicated the Smart Meters and “smart” appliances and gadgets are effectively bugging devices in our own homes.  This makes US spy agencies job easier to spy on “persons of interest.”    New processors give practically every household appliance an internet connection.  The National Security Agency (NSA) is building a heavily fortified $2 billion facility in Utah to form a Global Information Grid.  The facility is to be functional in September 2013.   NSA will be the most powerful spy agency in the world.

            Petraeus said, “Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification , sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters – all connected to … high-power computing.”  The result is warrantless wiretapping of domestic communications as NSA plugs into telecommunications and utility companies switches.

            Congress must overturn un-American  Executive Orders which attack our privacy and individual rights guaranteed under our Constitution. Socialism/Marxism/communism/fascism all forms of totalitarianism end in tyranny and the loss of freedom.   Americans demand that “smart meter” bugging devices be removed.

A concerned citizen,

Adrian L. Arp, Ph.D.

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